Backup and Disaster Recovery – MVault

We refer to our Backup and Disaster Recovery product as MVault!  The MVault is a backup server which Microvisions provides to you at no cost.  With an MVault you'll be able to establish continuity for your business all for one low monthly flat fee.

MVault offers a comprehensive disk-based full-image solution for business continuity through our fully managed BDR device. Up to every 15 minutes, a server snapshot is taken and stored both onsite on the MVault, and offsite in the Cloud, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

In the case of data loss, the MVault server will virtualize your server and take over in as little as only 30 minutes!  This allows your business to remain up and running while we repair your network.  In the case of fire, flood or other disaster, your server can be virtualized in the Cloud, giving you access to your critical business data in a matter of hours!

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